Deposition Assistants, your key to a successful E-Deposition.

Avoid frustration and keep your witnesses engaged with Deposition technology experts.

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We make depositions easier for court reporters, and attorneys.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced nearly all depositions to take place remotely. Many attorneys had previously never participated in e-depositions, and had certainly not organized them. Attorneys regularly show up to depositions hoping another participant knows how to share exhibits. Most often, the task is placed on the court reporters, taking on the nearly impossible task of sharing exhibits while typing up the deposition transcript. So that you can focus on the witness, and not IT issues, hire a deposition tech professional today.



You send us your deposition date, time, partcipants, and exhibits.


Confirm Exhibits

Your newly marked exhibits are returned for confirmation.


Distribute Exhibits

We send your exhibits to all participants.


Attend Deposition

We attend the deposition and share the exhibits at your request.

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We have a two hour minimum.

Exhibit Marking


We mark your exhibits as directed and send them out to all parties.

E-Deposition Exhibit Sharing


After exhibit marking, we attend your deposition and share the exhibits for you while providing assistance with any other deposition-related IT requests you may have.

E-Conference Office Training


We help you master deposition technology.